Debra Higham
By Grace of the Goddess

A charming collection of blessings, chants, poetry, and rituals. Blended with Native American Indian and Paganism that captures a sense of true spiritual fulfillment. This book is sure to stir and inspire the beauty of your faith. Whether your faith encompasses the Goddess or not. It weaves a light of harmonious thoughts, allowing you to consider the diversities in today's world.
Debra was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvannia. She comes from a family of spiritual talented women. Her great grandmother taught her mother how to use a crystal ball and not to be afraid of her gifts. Debra has been blessed with gifts of her own and has shared them in her women Circles, Pagan Festivals, Tarot readings, and more. She has a strong infinity to Native American and Paganism. She has written rituals for High Priestesses, public weddings and funerals. She has attended festivals of Native American and Pagan drum Circles. Debra also attended the Official Salem's Witches ball and has interviewed several Pagan/Wiccan Book authors and singers. She has a award winning website that has been up and running since 2002.

"This book is enlightening and inspirational. The poems are heartfelt and the rituals are easy to follow. I love the chants, they reach down into your soul. This book is an excellent find and every household should have one." 
Corora (Barnes and Noble website)

"I love the book,,,,, insightful, enlightening, warm." 
Katherine Morales (Facebook Page)
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Debra Higham

By Grace of the Goddess

by Debra Higham on 07/27/12

This book has 4 sections.

Blessings:  Baby, Book, Daily, Divination, Garden, Goddess, Goddess Full Moon, Grounding, New Coven Member, Samhain, and more.

Chants:  Ancient Mother Cleansing, Book, Blessed Be, Charges, Circle Casting, Elemental, Isis Athame, Isis Table, Magick, Midnight Power, new Moon, and more.

Poetry:  The Crone, Depression, Elements, Fates, Goddess, Moon, Mother Earth, Spirit Guide, Vampires. Over 45 poems all together.

Rituals:  Beltane Ritual for four, Imbolc Ritucal for four, Dedication Ritual, Full Moon Ritual, Guardian Invites and more.